Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms & conditions carefully, as they govern all bookings and modifications made (whether through online or otherwise) for ground transportation with DELIVERY 1 SWEDEN AB. By making a booking, you acknowledge and accept these terms & conditions in their entirety.

1. Definitions

1.1. DELIVERY 1 SWEDEN AB means DELIVERY whose registered office is Geometrivägen 3-7, 141 75 Kungens Kurva, Sweden with email address info@dlvry.se

1.2 DELIVERY´s intention is to provide reliable, safe and enabled (flexible) services to you at a fair price and in doing so, DELIVERY ensures its best efforts to meet or exceed your expectations.

DELIVERY also wishes to fulfill its corporate social responsibility in all regions of its operations.

1.3 “You” and “your” means any individual, company or other entities, who places the booking with DELIVERY.

1.4 Service Provider is a third party transportation company specialized in the transport of persons. Assignments are conducted by contracted third party taxi company’s own managed vehicles, or by affiliated transportation companies. The contract outlines DELIVERY brand promises and minimum service standards to be followed by the service provider.

2. Booking

2.1 For registered users, the login ID & password provided by DELIVERY is your access to booking. Booking / amendment, originating through your ID is deemed as your booking / amendment.

2.2 The correctness and completeness of all information related to your booking, including address, number of passengers, luggage and any special need/s related to vehicle and driver is your responsibility.

2.3 DELIVERY product segments availability in the inventory is subject to lead-time of the booking.

2.4 DELIVERY may subcontract its obligation to provide reliable, safe and enabled services to you.

2.5 For Non registered users, you will always receive a booking confirmation and be able to manage your booking at www.dlvry.se.

3. Amendments/ rebooking / Cancellation of Bookings

3.1 Deadline for amendment, rebooking or Cancellation of your booking is handled in DELIVERY´s system. You as a customer can always manage your booking on www.dlvry.se.

3.2 Rebooking is classified as new booking and has a new booking number and new booking terms are stated on your booking confirmation.

3.3 Amendment, rebooking or Cancellation of your booking/s is to be made before specified date & time (lead-time). The lead-time varies from destination to destination. It may range from 24 hours to 1 hour. However, for most destinations it is 1 hour. You can always check this through an email to info@dlvry.se.

3.4 Cancellation received within the stipulated time will be fully refunded.

3.5 Cancellation requests made after lead-time will be fully charged.

3.6 No-show without cancellation will be fully charged.

3.7 In case of a system failure, DELIVERY will make a full refund but does not take any responsibility in case of other expenses.

4. Pricing

4.1 DELIVERY aims to offer most competitive rates to its customers by constantly comparing its pricing with the other options available to the customer in the market.

4.2 The pricing is benchmarked with basic Taxi service available in that market.

However, DELIVERY may add some extra for other services such as fulfillment, flight monitoring and additional attributes pre-selected such as baby car seat, green vehicle, etc to ensure availability, reliability, safety and flexibility of your travel compared to traditional taxi industry.

4.3 DELIVERY can offer special deals for customers or in a specified market based on business relationship.

4.4 DELIVERY can also from time to time offer marketing campaign with special pricing to selected customers based on business proposition.

4.5 DELIVERY can amend the quotation, if there is any material change to the original itinerary, number of passengers / baggage, route and the type / size of vehicle.

4.6 For the purpose of offering multiple currencies in DELIVERY booking application, DELIVERY seek exchange rates from reputable financial institution/s. The selection of financial institution for this purpose is at DELIVERY discretion.

4.7 Fares agreed at the time of booking will be charged even if you do not avail the full journey.

4.8 DELIVERY can change pricing in the system whenever it deems fit.

5. The service

5.1 DELIVERY ensures you meet the driver smoothly at the time of your pick up. For this purpose, you are required to provide your mobile phone number (with international code) in your booking information.

5.2 In case you are not able to locate the driver at the time of pick up and you have not provided your mobile phone number (with international code) with your booking, it is your responsibility to call DELIVERY´s Support (at published number/s) and inform of any delay or problem locating the driver before making alternative arrangements. In case you have not provided your mobile phone number and make alternative arrangements without informing DELIVERY, you will be fully charged even if you are available at your pick up place on time.

5.3 The regulations of the relevant National Road Traffic Acts apply during the entire ride, particularly the general obligation to wear seat belts and follow general road safety laws.

5.4 The instructions of the chauffeur must always be followed, as the driver has the responsibility to safely perform the ride and is always attentive to the welfare of his passengers.

5.5 In event of car break down during your journey, DELIVERY will endeavor to arrange an alternative car to complete the journey as soon as practicable. Maximum payback/compensation in such case is the booking price.  

6. Liability

6.1 DELIVERY shall use all reasonable endeavors to get you to your destination on time, but shall not be liable for any loss due to delays caused by road or traffic conditions beyond its control.

6.2 Under no circumstances shall DELIVERY be liable (in contract, tort or otherwise) for any loss of profits, business or for any indirect or consequential loss whatsoever.

6.3 You shall indemnify DELIVERY against any losses, costs, damages and expenses arising from any act or omission of any passenger in your party.

6.4 All luggage is carried entirely at your risk.

6.5 DELIVERY shall be entitled to cancel all services and provide refunds in the event of a declared national emergency, riot, war, fuel shortage, extreme weather or terrorist attack, or other circumstances beyond its control and will not be liable for any claim.

6.6 It is your responsibility to ensure you do not leave anything belonging to you in the vehicle. You must check the vehicle before you leave it.



6.7 In case you leave anything in the vehicle, please call DELIVERY Support immediately. DELIVERY Support will contact the driver to check if your lost item is in the vehicle and will inform you accordingly.

6.8 Any complaint or claim regarding your booking must be logged with DELIVERY within fifteen (15) days of the journey date.

7. Processing of personal data

7.1 DELIVERY will treat your personal information that you submit in association with registration / creation of your profile, and your booking, in accordance with DELIVERY´s ® Privacy Policy.

7.2 Please read DELIVERY Privacy Policy before making your booking on the homepage www.dlvry.se, under Policy- Personal data.

7.3 DELIVERY ensures your online payment security.

8. Accidental Insurance / Travel Guarantee

8.1 DELIVERY may use third party Service Providers instead of it’s own vehicles or drivers. In case of any accident in transit, the insurance arrangements are the Service Providers responsibility and insurance terms vary from destination to destination. To seek guidance on accidental insurance in any destination you wish to travel, please contact DELIVERY Support.

8.2 DELIVERY offers Travel Guarantee on your request at an additional cost, please contact Delivery Support at info@dlvry.se. This guarantee only pertains to your departures where you miss your flight due to DELIVERY.

8.3 To claim the travel guarantee, please contact DELIVERY Support as soon as possible after you miss your flight. DELIVERY Support will offer you alternate options. After you choose from offered options, DELIVERY will confirm you how to proceed further and will confirm you verbally and via e-mail.

8.4 Please note that you can only claim what you have accepted from the options given by DELIVERY Support by e-mail info@dlvry.se. You will be required of provide evidence of the claim, such as boarding pass/es, taxi receipt of the approved route etc.

8.6 To process your claim, you must provide your bank details along with your proof of expense to DELIVERY Support. The payment is to be credited to your account within 15 days.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1 DELIVERY at all times reserves the right to modify its booking application/s in a reasonable manner, in consideration of the interests of the user.

9.2 In addition, DELIVERY has the right to temporarily or permanently suspend its services on important grounds, even without informing the user individually.

9.3 DELIVERY may change these terms and conditions at any time by posting changes to its website/s.

9.4 The usage of DELIVERY product & service conform to the most recent terms & conditions displayed online.

9.5 Please review these terms and conditions regularly to ensure that you are aware of any changes.

10. Contacting Us

10.1 To contact DELIVERY Support or if you have any questions regarding this Terms & Conditions, you may contact us at:

Email: info@dlvry.se

Telephone : +46 10 330 2003


Geometrivägen 3-7,

141 75 Kungens Kurva, Sweden

Last Edited on 2018-03-22