Welcome to you who want to become a driver with us here at Taxi 08. We have requirements for all drivers who drive our cars, below are our requirements that must be met.
  • Friendly reception
  • Provide service to the customer (the taxi industry is a service profession)
  • Use the right taxi at the right time
  • Always ask the customer which way the customer thinks is best
  • Taxi 08 upholstery (PROFILE) always while on duty
  • When you stand in the taxi queue inside the booms never scream for customer
  • When you are first in the taxi queue inside the booms, never deny a customer, whether the customer wants to go a short distance or whatever.
  • Never hesitate with the taxi hosts, you will be blocked directly from us until further notice
  • Always show respect to the taxi queue, taxi hosts, all taxi companies and drivers (by treating each other with respect we create a good collaboration, which we have a lot of help from)
  • All drivers must undergo Taxi 08 conduct training and pass an approved test
  • The Road Administration's identification must be clearly visible in the car
  • The personal rest time book should always be in the car during the driving pass
  • Traffic rules must be respected
  • You may not talk on the phone while traveling with a customer
  • The car radio should only be on if the customer so wishes
  • If you consider yourself ill-treated by any customer, colleague, you should contact the exchange
  • Only drivers who have passed Taxi 08 tests and been approved may drive Taxi 08 cars

Good to know (IMPORTANT) !!!!

  1. If the driver has used the wrong taxi or made a detour. We charge the rider the entire trip and send the difference back to the customer
  2. What happens if the same error has happened several times with the same driver? The first time we send the difference back to the customer, the second time we send the difference to the customer and at the same time we send a warning to the driver, the third time the driver gets fired so far
  3. A driver drove a customer from Arlanda to City with a taximeter (not fixed price). Then the same applies to paragraphs 1 & 2
  4. A driver accepted one directly or for order but did not pick up the customer. We charge the rider 1000 SEK and at the same time we send compensation to the customer 500 SEK. We do the same thing the second time it happens to the same driver, the third time the driver is completely switched off from the ordering system for at least a month.
  5. If you have accepted an order, it means that you are obliged to go to the customer. The customer receives SMS confirmation with your name and telephone number, registration number, ceiling lamp number and the applicable price. You must not leave the order to your colleague, friend or anyone else. If you do this you will be charged SEK 1000. ((IF APPLICABLE TO CUSTOMER SENT TO US)


  1. What information is collected using drivers app? The only information collected during your trip are GPS coordinates, the date and time you accessed our platforms.
  2. What is the purpose of collecting and using data? The collected data may be used for the following reasons: Administrating booking requests and finding nearest active taxi to the customer.
  3. Will the personal data be shared with any third parties? No, personal data will not be shared with any third parties.
  4. How long will the data be stored? However, data will be automatically erased immediately after deactivating your account.
If you feel that you meet these requirements, you are welcome to fill in and submit an interest registration to us