Emptying, Ingenico, Digitax, C30


Welcome to Sweden's best emptying center.

We take

3% short fee

With us you get

We take all kinds of cards available worldwide Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Electron, American Express, Diners, Resource and all other cards.

Full control of everything that happens in your particular home / car from home by logging in with your username and password that we provide to you (My Pages) so you can see all your transactions such as boom runs, cash and card withdrawals.

We send Settlement to your email (PDF file) every week since you have the money right after that.

To join us

You are welcome to our office at Paternostervägen 45, Johanneshov to complete the contract.

Taxi system head office Voltavägen 4, 168 69 Bromma, www.taxisystem.se

KGK Head office Hammarbacken 14, 191 81 Sollentuna, www.semel.se