About Us


Dlvry Sweden


We currently have about 300 taxi owners as members who drive under the brand name Taxi 08 and that means about 500 taxi cars.


Taxi 08 was started in January 2008 and has since evolved in the taxi industry and has grown with the number of members and cars. Taxi 08 also operates a switchboard and ordering center that provides services to the rider, driver and customer. Taxi 08 also started in January 2009 an emptying center which involves electronic post-processing of runs and credits, credit card purchases and invoicing, this is done in collaboration with both KGK Semel AB www.semel.se and Taxisystem AB www.taxisystem.se

Business Idea

Taxi 08 will strive to be the leading partner in taxi services and emptying centers with superior quality and service for everyone. Taxi 08 believes in the principle of fair competition.